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Lecce Stays



Lecce, a timeless charm


A corner of paradise

Sun, sea, wind and much more. Nature, architecture, art, music, food and traditions: Salento is the ideal place for an exciting and relaxing vacation. Whatever your itinerary, you will discover cultures and beauties that will enchant you and conquer you.


Lecce: the cradle of art

You can breathe the art everywhere you go, you can feel inebriating scents and admire pastel colors that make Lecce a magical city. You will enjoy the best stays in Lecce and you will discover a passionate territory: its streets host about forty baroque churches, masterpieces that you have to admire. The historic center is enclosed by four doors where you can admire magnificent palaces in Lecce stone, the amphitheater, the large square with the column dedicated to Sant'Oronzo, the patron saint of the city.


The Aragonese castle seems to watch the beautiful blue sea. It is a fortress dating from the end of 1400, today used for exhibitions and cultural events. The impressive city walls, however, closes in a warm embrace the city and its old town, made of alleys and lanes where you can look the showcases of the many shops that offer local handicrafts.


Santa Maria di Leuca

The city is located in a very special position, in the cove between Punta Ristola and Punta Mèliso, where they believe that the waters of the Ionian Sea meet those of the Adriatic Sea. Leuca is a must stop of your trip to Salento, from its coast you can enjoy breathtaking views.


The rocky side combined with the sandy one, both enclosing the Mediterranean scrub and the marvelous blue sea. The old town of the city is a kind of island connected to the mainland by a bridge, it is rich in ancient palaces and churches in Baroque style. In the city you can also sunbathe and have a refreshing bath on a small free beach, always very crowded!